Motorcycle Inspections


E J Allen & Associates provide a range of motorcycle inspection services.    


  •  Motorcycle insurance inspections/assessments.
  • Forensic inspections fire damage and causation investigation.
  • Forensic inspections of mechanical and engine failure or defects.
  • Post-purchase defect disputes acting as Single Joint Experts (SJE) or Party Appointed Experts.
  • Customer complaints.
  • Pre-purchase inspections within the South East of England.
  • Rider helmet examination.



E J Allen & Associates have long been closely associated with the motorcycle

industry providing specialist investigation reports.


Our forensic examinations are conducted by suitably qualified engineers using

appropriate diagnostic equipment including Olympus Keymed Boroscope for

internal examinations of engines etc.


Some years ago we undertook specialist test track work on behalf of Suzuki

GB regarding the performance of knobbly tyres, Endura tyres and Motor X tyres on metalled surfaces.



E J Allen were also able to help manufacturers regarding the different

interpretations of expressions such as "Not for highway use" in the UK,

Europe and the USA.


Pre purchase inspections/reports.


We are one of the very few and possibly the only firm of engineers offering such a service.


Car – v – Motorcycle Collision

Car/ motorcycle collisions can have horrific consequences! In this case the car struck the motorcycle causing substantial damage, the plastic fuel tank on the motorcycle failed causing an extensive fuel leak. Unfortunately the engine was still running and caused the fuel to ignite, thus car, motorcycle and motorcyclist were subject to the effects of fire.


Cross Country Speed Trial Test


Our team attended a forest site where an incident occurred.

We carried out a cross country test with pillion passenger to establish

possible route and time.



Component Failure


The throttle spindle was extracted from the motorcycle to establish the reason

for loss of throttle control which resulted in the accident.