Leisure Activities and Machine Operation



 E J Allen & Associates investigate accidents and produce detailed reports following

 accidents arising out of the sport/leisure/factory environment:



  •  Play areas
  • Play equipment and surfaces
  • Health and safety issues at work
  • Factory equipment and defects
  • Machine guarding
  • Inadequate training issues
  • Premises compliance
  • Safe work processes
  • Accident prevention and reporting
  • Loading and unloading safety and security
  • Manual handling and lifting



The following are examples of recent cases we have dealt with:





Proper Guarding


Guard adjustment is really important, it is not sufficient to supply and provide the guard if it is not used.It must be used and adjusted by trained staff.



No push stick - it should be attached near the machine.   A notice saying one should be used is of little value if no push stick is provided and secured to the machine.



Young man cut off arm. The machinist was wearing an oversized floppy jumper which was caught in the saw blade. There was no proper training and poor health and  safety enforcement.

Leisure Activity

Warning notice after the event but it is on paper which cannot last long in the open air.