HGV / Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents often occur between HGV’s and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Here are a few examples showing how difficult it is to view the area immediately in

front of the nearside corner of the cab of a lorry:




A pedestrian hidden by television on dashboard was run over.


We deal with many cases where pedestrians/cyclists/wheelchairs and motorcycles are struck by HGV’s when they are passing close in front or close alongside the heavy goods vehicle.


Here are 2 examples


In the first case above this gentleman is about to disappear behind the television.


The television had been left in position following a rest period and not removed.




In the second case (picture right) there are four nearside mirrors. Even so the driver did not see the Scooter at his nearside front.

This resulted in a collision between the HGV and the Scooter.


This photograph is a mock up to help the jury in Court to visualise the circumstances and to evaluate what could be seen in the highway