Fork Lifts, Tractors & Excavators

E J Allen & Associates provide a range of inspection services on fork lifts, tractors, excavators, earth moving and ground work equipment and JCB’s etc..


  • Insurance inspections cost of repair
  • Forensic inspections
  • Fire damage and causation
  • Component defect
  • Personal injury arising from misuse
  • Training methods appropriate or not

The following are examples of cases we have dealt with:



Man working on cutters without training – serious personal injury. He thought he was being helpful. Better training would have prevented the accident occurring.

Fork lift fell over whilst turning with load raised too high.  The driver had not been properly trained!

Excavator turned over working on an incline, the dipper arm ram was over extended.


The driver must be trained!


Fork lift in loading bay fell over raised edge of work area which was not clearly marked and had no barrier.


It was alleged that there was a defect with the fork lift.