Specialist Cases

E J Allen & Associates provide a range of specialist investigations relating to 

general Engineering matters. 


If you have an unusual case which requires engineering opinion, we can help.


Electric powered vehicles  

Testing was carried out in this electrically powered vehicle regarding fit for purpose. It was reported that the full charge state of the batteries returned far shorter distance than claimed by the manufacturers, frequently leaving the driver stranded at the roadside. This is not very green.


Headlights on or off at impact?


Bulb extracted from the salvage of the vehicle can often contain useful information as to whether it was illuminated or not.  We can examine vehicle bulbs and produce reports to the highest standards for use in the Court room or in declining or defending a claim.



Concealed Loads


The Lorry


Smuggling or hiding goods?


Would the driver have known or could it have been loaded with drugs without his knowledge? What do the tachograph charts tell us about his rest periods?.


We had to calculate how long it would take to load and reload the drugs so that the the lawyers could assess when and how long the journey took.



Floor compartments – What was hidden in here and how long to load?


Unauthorised modification of vehicles

This body was found to be distorted and badly fitted, unfit for purpose. The matter was really important when you consider that three sides of the box body could be open.


Will it turn over or not?

This Land Rover had to be tested for tilting / stability with roof mounted equipment.We arranged the testing and recorded the results.


Who was driving?  

Can we find out whose hair it was?

This windscreen contained human hair deposits which we extracted and passed to a specialist. This disproved the police suspicion as to who was driving the vehicle.


Occupant poisoning  

Here we show a vehicle being tested for Carbon Monoxide CO, Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Oxygen O2. These tests were carried out on a vehicle fitted with a catalytic converter.