Continuity & Consistency

 Problems arising due to accidents involving more than one vehicle where   

 the parties make allegations that cannot be substantiated by the damage caused.


 Did these vehicles hit one another?


 How were they damaged?


 The parties may allege that they hit each other but sometimes we can show

 they did not.


                         12FYEW3                                          12FCMN1

In this example it is easy to determine if the two vehicles photographed hit one another. Note the Collision Deformation Classifications do not match in horizontal or vertical locations and the magnitude is quite different.


There is a range of vehicle to vehicle damage where we can prove if the damaged vehicles claimed for did NOT hit one another, but such allegations need to be dealt with,   with great care. After all any allegation which even suggests FRAUD is very serious and evidence must be sound and proveable.


Our experts are highly proficient in the identification and recording of evidence and compiling detailed CPR compliant reports for use in Court.