Cases Abroad


E J Allen & Associates have carried out forensic investigations across Europe



  • Malta                    Road surface testing
  • Spain                    Lift examination onboard commercial ferry
  • Belgium                Road testing
  • France                  Transporter platform
  • Channel Islands     Tripping case (girder erupted from ground) and vehicle

                                      body shell alignment testing

  • Isle of Man            Vehicle testing on behalf of BMW
  • Vienna                  Vehicle testing - Bentley Wien

The above photographs are from a vehicle transporter case where a bridge guard was missing and the service manager bent over the chassis to make a hydraulic adjustment.


He unwittingly hit one of the levers and the upper deck of the transporter came down and crushed him.



In this case the road coefficient of friction was very low and the vehicle ran off the road and killed the nearside front passenger. We travelled out to Malta with test equipment,we carried out braking tests and found the coefficient of friction of the road dry was at least as bad as a British road when wet.