ARAS 360° - 3D Animation and Simulation


E J Allen & Associates are proud to announce that we

have trained, qualified and licenced users of ARAS 360° software.


We have acquired state of the art – internationally operated - 3D Accident Reconstruction software. This together with high power computer processing enables us to provide you with real time animation of accident scenes in 3D and taking account of real scene data, provide a 3D reconstruction of the events. In this way you can actually see a movie reproduction of what happened rather than trying to imagine.


Let us build the picture for you – A picture or, in this case, a movie paints a thousand words.


Simulation and animation tools can be used to answer questions such as:


What if?

What speed?

Could it be seen?


ARAS 360°


Software has been designed to facilitate all the functionality needed to create incident scene drawings, create 3D scene environments, perform crash reconstruction calculations and generate 3D animations.


ARAS Genius

Sets a new standard in crash reconstruction calculation technology and is the complete calculating solution from simple equations to complete linear momentum analysis.



ARAS Collide


Enables us to facilitate the prediction of all types of vehicle and human motion. This means that vehicle impact positions and orientations can be input to get real time feedback of simulation in 3D.