Accident Investigation

RTA Investigation


E J Allen & Associates provide quality road traffic accident reconstruction including full scale Vehicle Examination, Scene collision data retrieval, and Expert Witness services.


Our experts are certified accident reconstruction specialists with education, training and a wealth of experience in the investigation, reconstruction and analysis of all types of road traffic collisions and in particular those involving personal injury and those which prove to be fatal.


Our RTA Investigation services include:


  • High and low speed collision analysis
  • Head on accident investigation
  • Rear end crash analysis
  • Rollover collision reconstruction
  • Field object crash investigation (single vehicle accidents)
  • Pedestrian accident reconstruction
  • Motorcycle or cycle accident reconstruction
  • Analysis of vehicle defect contributing to the accident cause
  • Vehicle damage assessment including forensic inspection of seatbelts, headlamps, tyres
  • Crash data retrieval for vehicle ECU
  • Scene inspection including photographs, computer generated scale plans
  • Visibility issues including restrictions on sight lines
  • Review of Police and / or other experts' reports
  • Provision of Court trial material with CPR or CrPR compliant reports
  • Provision of 3D animated accident reconstruction


Site Inspections Data


We have our own Total Station Survey equipment and can produce scale plans with precise measurements to illustrate accident locus.


We also have and maintain :      Nikon DTM-310 Total Station

                                               Geosite Office Communicator software

                                               BEHA Digital Lux tester 93-1065L

                                               Turnkey Skidman

                                               Canon DSLR cameras with macro facilities

                                               Stanley Portable Slip Resistance tester